Wanderlusting: Trendy & Bohemian Neighborhoods Around The World


I’ve always been a sucker for the bohemian neighborhoods/districts. It’s usually the first thing I research when I am interested in a new city. Something about the perfect blend of charm, grit, and of course, the romance of the bohemian lifestyle in general is what appeals to me. In my latest bout of wanderlusting, I decided to do some research on some of these districts in well known cities all over the world.

Kensington Market, Toronto

Nearly half of Toronto’s population are immigrants, making the fourth-largest city in North America a vibrant mixture of different cultures. Toronto’s diversity is most apparent in Kensington Market; an eclectic area filled with shops, markets, bars, and restaurants. The busy streets make for optimal people-watching, and it seems at every turn, there’s a restaurant of any kind of cuisine you could imagine.

gohittheroad shows us a few shops (and art murals).

A cleverly named thrift store found at Kensington Market. Photo by markdpaul.

A vibrantly-painted restaurant captured by arritavaliense.

elwoodjimmy gives us a glimpse into a shop.

Bikes parked on the streets of Kensington Market, courtesy of lindsontheroad.

A close up view of a beautiful building mural, photo by jmpuse.

Latin Quarter, Paris

It’s hard not to associate the bohemian lifestyle with the Latin Quarter in Paris. This wonderfully romantic and bustling area is located on the left bank of the Seine and is filled with cafes, bistros, and narrow streets. If you’re looking to fall in love with Paris, look no further.

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catewestlake gives us a glimpse down one of the many narrow streets in the Latin Quarter.

cevphoto captures a perfect Parisian shot; an outdoor cafe situated outside of the Saint
Michele Metro stop.

An elegant view of the Latin Quarter at night, taken by laurenrosebeale.

The exterior of a quaint restaurant found in the Latin Quarter, taken by pinaytraveller.

A photo of one of Paris’s famed Shakespeare and Company bookstore, courtesy of lisa_jobe.

Barranco, Lima

Located in Peru’s capital, Barranco is dubbed as the artsy and bohemian neighborhood of Lima. Situated beachside and filled with trendy bars, restaurants, and music clubs; many artists and musicians both live and work in this district.

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valebordali shows us a brightly colored alleyway found in Barranco.

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An outdoor market, captured by chykyy2003.

A massive mural found on the streets of Barranco, taken by flaviamdoig.

A lovely view of Barranco, taken by melindaescobar.

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A view of a narrow alley in Barranco, courtesy of zamayeiyas.

An eclectic-decorated restaurant found in Barranco, taken by luchitoi.

Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

Hopefully someday soon I’ll find myself in Tokyo, and I plan on spending a day exploring the Shimokitazawa neighborhood. It seems like it will give me a vibe of where all the hip locals like to hang out. Loaded with boutiques, restaurants, and bars, travelers will get a taste of what’s current and hip in Japanese culture.

rebeccastephan gives us a glimpse of the hustle and bustle of a street in Shimokitazawa.

A bicyclist hanging out on the streets of Shimokitazawa, taken by happytulle.

A collage of various coffee shops found in Shimokitazawa, courtesy of lush_angel.

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A shot of a graffiti-covered building, taken by caravansofterror.

Greenwich Village, New York City

Tucked in Lower Manhattan, Greenwich Village, often referred to as simply “The Village” was a haven for the Beat and counterculture movement in the 1960s. While commercialization has turned Greenwich Village into something it didn’t used to be, there’s an undeniable charm that will never die.

Washington Square Park is located in Greenwich Village and is always filled with performances of some sort. I think Washington Square Park probably ranks as one of the best places in the world to people watch. yu_timoteo captures a pianist entertaining a crowd of park goers.

$2 draft beers still exist in New York City! djmoflavor takes a street shot of Greenwich Village.

scottyely captures a flock of everyone’s favorite bird on a cobblestone street.

A peek into interesting items for sale at a shop in Greenwich Village, taken by themarketnyc.

Daamich shows us an overhead view of Greenwich Village on a sunny day.

Camden Town, London

Funky shops, open air markets, and packed streets are just some of the elements you will find when browsing Camden Town, also known as just Camden, located in the Inner London borough called, you guessed it…Camden.

p_siouf shows us a stretch of shops located in Camden, many of which are adorned with outrageous decorations to attract customers.

A view of an outdoor market in Camden, taken by janapea.

A collection of Moroccan lamps for sale at a shop, photo by 1laurenfernandes.

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smirkingrevenge shows us a shot of buildings situated next to Regent’s Canal, located in Camden.

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A shot of a stairwell leading down to a pub, taken by fernrabelo.

burutapen shows us an adorable rustic cafe found in Camden Town.